Monday, March 5, 2012

Pondo-Pedal – A Wild Coast Ride from Port Edward to Mtentu

A piece of paradise

A few weeks ago we joined our friends from Active Escapes for a ride along the Wild Coast. The Wild Coast is an incredible 300km stretch of virtually pristine coastline from Port Edward to East London. I usually guide their Wild Ride mountain bike tour in the Wild Coast which runs from Kei Mouth to Port St John’s, a 200km ride of sheer fun and fatigue. However I had never visited this northern part of the coast.

Mtentu River Lodge was finally reopened again 7 months ago. Only 25km by foot from Port Edward it makes for a perfect and much-needed overnight stop on any hike or cycle along this part of the Wild Coast.

Active Escapes has now launched their new 3-day mountain bike escape, a return cycle trip from Port Edward to Mtentu with 2 overnights at Mtentu River Lodge and a full day at Mtentu which gives you time to, for example, to explore the magnificent Mkambati reserve and the spectacular Strandloper and Horse Shoe Falls, a 10km return hike.

If you are interested in this cycle tour please contact Sarah Drew at, cell: 084 240 7277, phone:033 330 6131.

The start of our ride from Wild Coast Sun Resort in Port Edward

Mzamba River mouth - The only river crossing along the way is right at the beginning.

Pushing our way out of the river valley

Sometimes it's better to carry your bike over your shoulders

The Mzamba River mouth

Still pushing up the from valley

And finally on the bikes!

You have to be an skilled mountain biker to ride in this part of the world

Vaughan leading the group, with Sarah and Bridget at the rear.

Vaughan leading the group, with Sarah and Bridget at the rear.

Up again on a rocky and grassy slope

Everybody with their heads down focused on the trail

Finally on a welcomed open road

Beautiful rolling rural landscape

Arriving in Mnyameni Falls

Karen refreshing in the Mnyameni River.

The Mnyameni Falls

Paul Colvin has been riding his bike for many years.

Into signle track again

Bridget competently keeping his bike in the narrow lane

Mtentu Estuary

Mtentu River Lodge where we stayed for 2 nights

The second day we went for a walk to the Strandloper Falls in the Mkambati River

The big pool is completely hidden from the main path

Mkambati River Mouth

Going back to Mtentu River Lodge

Crossing the Mtentu River

Renee and Bridget enjoying the ride, while Dave is hard at work

Vaughan, volunteering as a ferryman

The Mtentu River mouth - The Mtentu River Lodge is right on the oposite shore

The setting of the Mtentu River Lodge is just spectacular

Threatening clouds hovering over the Mtentu River Lodge


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